December 8, 2021


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5 Ways on How to Choose Your Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Service

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Solar panels are a smart investment to make. If you take care of them, they can last up to twenty years. However, in order for them to stay durable and functioning they need care and attention. This care and attention comes in the form of maintaining and cleaning them regularly as they are exposed to the elements in the environment. 

Solar panels are usually attached to a roof and thus, dirt, leaves, insects and other elements can get stuck or accumulate on top of the solar panels. Too much accumulation can pile up and block the sun’s rays from being harnessed by the solar panels. 

By regular cleaning, this does not mean every day or week. To regularly maintain your solar panels you need to clean them every year. However, you can do more frequent  cleaning if you prefer in every 3-6 months if you reside in an area where dust storms are normal and where it is windy and full of trees and birds. 

If you do your part as a responsible solar panel owner then you can actually make the lifespan of your solar panels longer, maintain their effectiveness and use and to ensure that you are using the total power it can produce. 

If you are not experienced in cleaning your solar panels and have acquired it for the first time and do not know how to clean it yourself. It would be wise to hire solar panel cleaning services as potential accidents can occur by you climbing to your roof or accidentally breaking a piece of solar panel. 

Here are 5 ways on how to choose your residential solar panel cleaning service

  1. Contact your original solar panel company provider

The first way would be to first contact the original solar panel provider that you initially purchased your solar panels from. Check your contract or your manual to see if there is information for cleaning services after you have already purchased the solar panels.

Inquire if they do cleaning services as your solar panels might require special equipment and knowledgeable staff to clean your solar panels thoroughly. If they do not offer cleaning services, ask for their advice or suggestions if they know a company who can. 

  1. Do your research

If your original solar panel provider does not offer cleaning services on your solar panels do the research for other solar panel companies that offer residential solar panel cleaning services. Search companies on Google review, Yelp or read up on your local newspaper. 

You can also ask your friends and families and get their advice, suggestions, and recommendations if they have experience on hiring solar panel cleaning services. 

  1. Compare the pros and cons

Solar panel companies are not all alike. Some may offer cleaning services and some may not. Some offer their services at a steep price and some at reasonable prices. 

Cleaning companies also differ in their customer service, customer feedback and review, equipment, method and materials used. Look out also if they do follow up maintenance checks. These are some pros and cons you can list down as you narrow your search on which solar panel cleaning service to choose.  

  1. Contact each company and request for a free quote

Contact companies who you have searched and are on your list of possible candidates. Talk with each company customer representative and ask for their services and have them talk about it to you. 

This is the time where they can answer and address and question and concerns you may have.

After they have answered any questions you raised, ask for a quote on their cleaning service. Many reputable solar panel cleaning services offer a free quote.  

  1. Decide and choose on your final decision

After you have done the previous four ways, now is the time where you make your final decision on which solar panel cleaning service provider you will hire. Look at your list of different companies, was there a company that really stood out to you? Do they offer the best services and offer competitive yet reasonable rates? “Do they have all the right equipment and professionals?”

If you are torn between more than one company, consider asking your friends and families if they can refer you to a solar panel cleaning company.