August 14, 2022


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Check out cyclamen to brighten the season

If you are a plant lover, you possibly have 1 or two poinsettias and at the very least a single Christmas cactus to brighten your residence for the holiday seasons and the months that comply with till spring comes.

But why not try anything diverse, like cyclamen?

Maybe you have attempted this plant in the past and have been unsuccessful or look at it far too fussy and not really worth the hard work. But since we are being household far more, why not give this natural beauty one more probability?

Before buy, analyze carefully and decide on a single with a lot of flower buds tucked among the the leaves. Then abide by the treatment suggestions below. Probably you are going to modify your intellect and learn to like cyclamen.

Cyclamen percicum, normally termed florist cyclamen, belongs to a genus of about 20 species indigenous to the Mediterranean region. There is also a hardy cyclamen, C. heterofolium, but that is a topic for another post. In our location, C. percicum are winter flowering houseplants. The crops generate flowers in a wide range of colours (purple, pink, lavender, white and salmon) as perfectly as sort (one, double, crested, fringed and frilled) and dimension (miniature, intermediate and conventional). The flower buds rise higher than the mound of leaves and, when open up, have an abnormal visual appearance at times described as a “butterfly landing.” The clustered foliage is just as exceptional as the bouquets. Leaves are heart-formed with silver markings and wavy edges.