August 8, 2022


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Do it yourself woman reveals ‘sock’ decorating hack

A TikTok Do it yourself enthusiast has not too long ago shared with followers a intelligent decorating hack to assistance you paint people tricky to achieve locations.

Emma, of @diywithemma, has an account devoted to her intelligent household renovation ideas, hacks and how-tos.

In a bid to aid the country ‘work smarter, not tougher,’ Emma exposed a new hack that quickly went on to get 1000’s of likes and shares.

And for her leading trick – DIYers will have to have to swap their paintbrushes for a rubber glove and a sock.

In the video, we see Emma snap on a blue rubber glove – to continue to keep her fingers cleanse – topped with an outdated sock.

She then dips her completely covered hand into a tin of paint and rubs up and down the spindle of her Bannister.

Captions around the shorter clip read: “I’ve been quiet for so prolonged about my favourite Diy hack.”

Ending with: “Job is completed significantly a lot quicker!”

The movie went on to obtain a lot more than 175,000 likes, 16,000 shares and obtained much more than 1600 comments.

And Emma was immediately dubbed the ‘CEO of sock painting’.

TikTok consumer @annamariaedwards, commented: “I have the paint and the brushes to do my staircase… I will not likely even open the brushes now. Thank you!”

User @madeat94 posted: “What an remarkable plan! I am imagining for my decking posts outside!”

And consumer @liliebide identified a further bonus to the hack, creating: “And no very small specks on the flooring/walls.”

But not all viewers ended up convinced.

Consumer @tazzward commented: “As a competent painter, that will never give an even coat or a nice finish but you do you.”

And @selectorc extra: “What in the identify of all that is holy are you undertaking? I can only think about a customer’s facial area if I started off painting their spindles with a sock!”

And concluding with a closing criticism, @mikebhodge wrote: “Yeah, but it leaves paint footprints during the dwelling when you might be done.”