August 11, 2022


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Everything You Need To Know About Accent Chairs: A Complete Guide

Do you want to enhance the appeal of your room? Adding an accent chair may be an ideal option because of its flexible design. You can place this piece of furniture in different settings of your home or fill up an empty corner. The possibilities of using an accent chair are endless. 

But buying this chair involves several considerations. At Yorkshire Fabric Shop you will find a wide array of accent chairs. If it is your first time buying this chair, this comprehensive guide will help you.

How to Choose the Right Piece 

This seat can make a statement in any room. It is a way to convey your personality and establish the theme of a room. Here’s how to choose the right piece.

Match function to form

The shape of the accent chair has a huge impact on its function. If you will sit in the chair for long hours, it is a must to consider the comfort it has to offer. A chair with a deep seat, soft cushion, and high back is ideal to use for long conversations and easy lounging.  A club chair or the barrel tub type of accent chair is more relaxing.

Consider the interior décor

It’s not only the form of the furniture to consider but also another décor inside your house. If the interior design is too streamlined, you can choose a chair that has a flowing shape. It will give a graceful curve to a hard interior. To improve the present aesthetic of your home, the accent chair must complement the existing décor and other pieces of furniture. 

Choose a purposeful pattern

The pattern of the fabric is significant when buying an accent chair. It is important to avoid chaos when the pattern clash with other graphics. For a neutral or monochrome space, you can choose a floral or damask print.  Keep in mind that the pattern must not clash with each other. 

Matching color scheme

Another aspect to consider when buying an accent chair is the color. The color of the chair must complement the color scheme of other things inside the room or your house. Determine if the color of your choice provides calming hues or zest of energy. The color must match the throw pillows, rugs, artwork, and another décor. Make sure that the accent chair establishes the color theme.

Establish balance

In choosing the size, you must first determine your purpose of buying an accent chair. If you will use it as a decorative piece in the hallway, select a slender and simple design. The Windsor type is a good example because it is lightweight. 

But, if you will use it as an extra seat in the living room or dining table, buy an accent chair having a large size. It must be hefty, but must not overpower the space and other items. Choose the dimension of the chair that matches the style of the room. 

Work on the layout

The number of accent chairs you need to but depends on the layout of the space. Seats in the block allow easy movement and conversational mode. The accent chair must be 18 inches away from other furniture such as a coffee table, end table, or bench. All the seats must be level for better conversational and visual flow.

The style must match the surroundings

When choosing a style of accent chair, make sure that it matches the details of the other items in your house. Consider the frame of the mirrors or the lamp bases. For a traditional, rich interior, choose a chair with clawed feet and scrolled arms. 

Select a sustainable fabric

Think about durability when picking the fabric of the accent chair. It is better to select upholstery that can withstand spills, pet hair, and water. If your home has low foot traffic, consider a chair upholstered with velvet or luxe linen fabric.

Final Thoughts

When planning to buy an accent chair, consider the information discussed above. You can find the best piece of furniture that would not only serve its purpose but also improves the appeal and ambiance of your home. The next time you plan to buy a new piece of furniture, do thorough research first.