September 30, 2022


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Gandy’s Backyard garden: Rising tasty develop in January

The wintertime back garden is in whole swing at WLTX. This calendar year we’re not preserving the vegetation from the cold. Here is which crops are proving to be the most cold tolerant.

COLUMBIA, SC — I’ve been so hectic in the yard the previous handful of months, and I consider I acquired a small crack. I still want to see crops, though. That is the place the winter backyard comes in!

Contrary to the summertime, there is no want to fear about watering, bugs, weeding or fertilizing this time of the 12 months. Speak about a aid! The only variable in the winter season backyard garden is excessive chilly, and that affects some plants much more than other people. 

I made the decision this yr I am not heading to deal with my attractive greens with a frost cloth so I can see which crops are the most chilly tolerant and finally the least expensive servicing. I’ve built some fascinating observations that will enable any gardener prolong their growing year with minor effort and hard work!  

The winter season yard after 25F

Some lettuce kinds are unreliable when temperatures fall underneath 25F. Romaine looks to be specially delicate. These vegetation commenced to demonstrate signs of harm at 25 degrees and at 20 levels, I dropped about 70% of the romaine lettuce. Cauliflower and broccoli crops survived temperatures down to 25F, but the budding florets had been destroyed at these temperatures. Past yr I included the lettuce and cauliflower with frost cloths at 25 levels and there was no destruction.

The lettuce and cauliflower vegetation in milder areas of the lawn survived 20F (our coldest morning so significantly this winter season) with no safety. Bibb lettuce experienced no harm even in the chilly sections of my property. That was a definitely pleasurable surprise! Some of the extravagant leaf lettuce varieties (I was not given a cultivar name) also survived our coldest early morning without having any dilemma. There are some kinds of lettuce that are reportedly reputable down to 10F temperatures. That must give a great deal of gardeners up north (and in this article in the south) some hope! 

The winter season garden just after 20F

Cauliflower and broccoli crops obtained a good deal of injury through our coldest early morning of the wintertime so far which was officially 20F in Columbia, SC. A several of my broccoli and cauliflower vegetation survived the deep freeze, but most show up to be a total decline. 

I am joyful to report several crops survived our coldest morning so considerably this winter with no any problems. Kale, cabbage, pansies, arugula, and cardoon experienced no foliage burn up. Parsley and cilantro had a tiny cosmetic problems, but endured no important concerns. My parents’ parsley plants in New York Town are continue to green in January much too, and which is following 6 inches of snow and 19F. I have no anxieties about those in South Carolina! The lettuce varieties I outlined higher than like the bibb, extravagant leaf, and a couple fortunate romaine vegetation managed very effectively by means of this hard freeze.

Seeds that germinate outdoors in the wintertime

Winter season is a excellent time to sow seeds in the ground for the early spring back garden. I changed the cauliflower with new seeds and they are by now sprouting despite temperatures in the 50s through the working day with evenings in the 30s. I planted kohlrabi and broccoli rabe seeds with the cauliflower and had prosperous germination on all those as perfectly. I begun arugula seeds in November and now I have leaves to decide on for my January salads! I sowed spinach and lettuce seeds on my porch in early January and an expecting those to be all set for selecting in March.  My arugula seeds sprouted beautifully and after 2 months are completely ready to be picked. I began snow peas from seed in the drop. The crops germinated but haven’t grown much in recent months. They surface to be dormant suitable now, but ended up absolutely unharmed by the 20F weather conditions.  

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