October 2, 2022


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Get Rid Of Rodents without Spending A Fortune

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One of the most despicable things to endure is having rodents at home. Rats are the most damaging creatures there are. Rats eat our food, damage our precious things, create mess everywhere they go and they also make us severely ill as they also carry germs of dangerous diseases. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take action as soon as you caught sight of even one rat.

And that’s why we are here with the best methods to make your home free of rats. You can use these methods if you don’t want to call a commercial pest control near me. Some families are not sure of such services as most of these companies use harmful and powerful chemicals to assure complete results. But that’s not the cause for most of the families as some also can’t afford to hire professionals. However, you can use the below tips that will surely make your house rat-free.

Finding Out the Reason for Rat Infestation

Before progressing with the treatment, you need to find the cause of rats living in your home, so that in the future you won’t have the same problem after the emergency rodent removal treatment.


Any pest enters a home in search of food, including rats. And if your home is the endless source to get food, water all the time, be ready to host a whole community of rats. If you leave food, leftovers, spillage, and dirty dishes overnight, you are indirectly providing meals to the rats. Make sure to not the leftovers out in the open, clean all the crumbs or spills take out the garbage on time, or cover the lid as rats can get their fill from there. All in all, you need to keep the house clean to prevent calling a dead rat removal service brisbane.


Just like any mammals, rats also need warmth and shelter to live by. Rats mostly enter a home during winter as they are in need of warmth and in those times if they detect the warm air escaping from the vents and pipeline, they’ll be practically drowned to it. Making sure that all the holes, gaps, and cracks that can fit a rat are blocked, would prevent them from entering your home. You may need to start from the basement, chimney, and attics as these are the common entryways of rats.

Now that, you have found out the reasons, it’s time to take active actions to get rid of these filthy creatures.

Home Remedies for At-Home Rat Removal – 

Peppermint essential oil

You won’t have to call a dead rat removal service near mewhen you have peppermint oil lying around the home. Rat hates strong smells, ironic seeing as they live in the areas that are surrounded by strongly smelling clutters. However, it has been said that peppermint oil causes rats to get skin allergies along with several health complications, which is why they tend to scurry away from any area that smells like peppermint.Just mix 10 to 20 drops of this magic oil with two cups of water and your rat repellent is ready to use. Use this spray as air fresheners, spraying it all over the corners, walls especially the entryways. You will witness fewer and fewer rodent activities around the house with just a couple of days of using this method.

Plaster of Paris

This is kind of a unique way to deal with pests but it will surely work. Mix some quantity of plaster of Paris with cocoa powder and sprinkle them at the high rat activity areas and near their nest. As soon as they will consume this mix, they will run to a place to drink water to lessen the burn and die.

These two are the most effective way to deal with rats without calling rodent removal service. But you can also use baits and rat poison. However, we don’t suggest that, as it can be dangerous for families with kids and pets.