August 14, 2022


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Hold out for spring to shift crotons azalea leaf drop is standard and more backyard advice from Dan Gill | Property/Yard

I have some crotons that have developed actually perfectly more than the very last two many years, and I would like to relocate them from the entrance of my dwelling to the backyard because of to size. Is it Ok to do so now, and if not now, when? — Gary

Since crotons (Codiaeum variegatum) are susceptible to chilly injury throughout wintertime, it is most effective not to go them now and tension them. Wait right until chilly climate allows up and transfer them in late March or April. Get as a lot of their roots as you can. That will figure out whether they survive the move.

I hope you can assistance me. My azaleas have under no circumstances looked like this even in the dead of winter season. Heaps of leaves are turning orange and dropping off. Many thanks for your help. — Trisha Molony

This appears to be all-natural leaf fall. Though azaleas are evergreen, specific leaves do not are living eternally. Azaleas lose their oldest leaves someday between November and April.

The outdated leaves of darker-flowering azaleas tend to turn orange in advance of they drop. The old leaves of white- and paler-flowering azaleas are likely to turn yellow ahead of they fall. Crops may appear a small thinner soon after leaf fall, but they will appear fine again when the new, spring progress emerges.

I have read that if you moist down your plants ahead of a freeze it will help defend them from damage. I imagine I have found that citrus and strawberry growers do this. Will this work? — Chuck Bordelon

We have experienced a remarkably gentle winter so considerably, but intense chilly is even now achievable above the next four to 6 months. The brief reply to your query is no. If the weather conditions has been dry, it is important to extensively drinking water your landscape crops before a freeze happens. Plants that are drought-pressured generally endure far more damage in the course of freezes on the other hand, watering does not in fact offer any protection to tender vegetation.

To protect plants with a masking of ice, the spray of h2o should start out just ahead of freezing temperatures start off and keep on regularly until eventually they end. Liquid water will have to be continuously utilized for the protecting added benefits to come about. This method is not generally practical in the regular landscape and can guide to problems to the plant from the pounds of the ice and injury to the roots from abnormal h2o when it melts.

We had a big drinking water oak in our New Orleans lawn that was eaten out by termites. We experienced it slash down, but a lot of chippings and dirt stay. My spouse needs to use the chippings and grime to fill in holes in our Amite yard. The tree also had seasonal caterpillars. We have many reside oak trees on our Amite home. If we transport that dust/wood chip combination to Amite, will the termites and caterpillars that were being in that tree for years and a long time hitch a ride in that materials and infest the trees in our Amite yard? — Terry

The caterpillars will not be transported, so that is not a issue. It is extremely unlikely termites would be transmitted. Only a dwelling queen can create a nest, and they are really unlikely to endure once a nest is wrecked and the workers dispersed. So, spreading termites to other oaks with the material is not definitely a problem. That explained, I’m not a huge fan of going wood materials all around parishes.

The major challenge is that utilizing a mixture of wood chips and soil to fill holes is not a good notion. The wood chips in the substance will decay and disappear around time, the level will sink and the holes will finally reappear. Anything like pump sand would be a a great deal improved alternative to completely deal with holes and low spots. The wooden chip/soil combination could be stockpiled on-web page and permitted to compost (decay), then employed to build or enrich backyard beds.

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