April 12, 2021


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How designer Tina Norden gave Feast cafe at East Hong Kong an interior revamp for the periods

a group of people that are set up on a dining room table: The revamped Feast restaurant at East Hong Kong. Photo: Handout

The revamped Feast restaurant at East Hong Kong. Image: Handout


“The transient was to consider the ideal bits of Feast and then marry in some of the functions that had been possibly lacking previously. Despite the fact that Feast was modern when it opened, there is certainly now a great deal far more desire for a style of shared workspace. Adding Domain, a cafe, would give visitors a extra casual meals possibility, somewhere that would provide persons by means of the working day.

“Chef Mark Percy wanted to keep the semi-buffet but was keen to open up up the kitchen extra, to get it out from driving the glass wall and make it far more energetic and partaking. All of these aspects experienced to be layered into the present area.

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“We considered about the gradation of materiality. We wanted the restaurant tones to be darker, hotter and more cosseting so it’s considerably, a great deal richer on that facet, though on the Domain facet, which is more of an approachable, interactive daytime area – with cakes and coffees and bread becoming baked – it’s considerably brighter with lighter colors.

“The plan was to often have the two extremities with that gradation involving the two even the timber slatting goes from extremely, extremely gentle to really, really dark to give us that merging of the two spaces.”

a person posing for the camera: Tina Norden, partner, architect and interior designer at Conran and Partners. Photo: Handout

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Tina Norden, spouse, architect and inside designer at Conran and Partners. Photograph: Handout


“We commenced on-website in the late spring (2020) but the design work was done mostly in 2019 ahead of Covid strike. Luckily, a large amount of the style and design worked very well presently the room is extremely open, quite airy. Most of the tabletops are possibly stone or timber so can be quickly disinfected and most of the chairs are leather so, once again, they are simpler to clean than comfortable furnishings – interior designers are expressing that Covid is the conclude of the cushion!

“We did lower the restaurant seating, temporarily, so that is considerably less dense than we initially prepared but the booths and seating in Domain had been widely spaced already as we would been contemplating about persons acquiring meetings and private conversations there.”


“I am delighted we managed to continue to keep the ceilings genuinely significant and clear, which is constantly tricky to do with air conditioners and electrics to fret about. The open up kitchen/buffet-model spot has labored out well. It feels like it is part of the general cafe place and it’s providing the chefs the option to interact with the clients, earning it all a bit less rigid and formal.”


“Never be afraid of colour and of mixing types jointly. Developing individual zones using distinct colouring and materials is something that can work just as perfectly in the constrained space of a modest apartment. Be courageous.”

a group of people in a kitchen: The hotel's Domain cafe. Photo: Handout

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The hotel’s Area cafe. Photo: Handout

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