How to make your garden more private this year

Want to make your garden more private, shielded from neighbours and secluded? Our gardens have become more valued and important than ever before and some of us will want to be able to relax, exercise, eat, sunbathe – whatever outdoor activity – in private.

a green bench sitting in the grass: Want to make your garden more private, shielded from your neighbours and secluded? Tips include planting, screens and arbours.

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Want to make your garden more private, shielded from your neighbours and secluded? Tips include planting, screens and arbours.

So how can we make our gardens more private and make sure we are not overlooked in time for spring and summer, when we will likely be enjoying our gardens as an extension of our homes?

Chris Bonnett from said: “There are loads of creative ways to conceal your garden from nosey neighbours and passing footfall. We are encouraging people to think about the set up of their garden now, so that they can enjoy it to the fullest as the evenings get brighter.

“There are loads of ways you can make your outdoor space look beautiful and feel private on a budget, from tall plants to small structures. Not only will you be grateful for your newfound garden freedom, but your neighbours might be thankful too.”

How to make your garden more private


Privacy screens are the perfect way to create a concealed area – and they can be a great DIY projects, made to suit the colour, aesthetic and theme of your garden. A screen can be made out of old doors or panels, wooden pallets or upcycled metal. To brighten up a dull garden, give the screen a lick of bright paint.

You can of course buy a garden screen if you prefer. Here’s some we like that will create immediate privacy:


Plants are great at shielding a garden from the outside world. Evergreen shrubs are good to achieve a reliable height and plentiful foliage for privacy all year round. For those only looking to gain a little shelter in the summer, opt for something that will grow back every spring.

A great way to use plants to create privacy is to grow a climbing plants up a screen. Here is our round up of the 30 best climbing plants.


This one requires some hard work, but pleaching trains trees to form a narrow screen or hedge. Lime, ash, beech and hornbeam varieties are the easiest to pleach, which can be done by tying and interlacing shoots through branches or along a supporting framework. Read the RHS guide on how to pleach trees.


Arbours are a great way to make outdoor seating areas more sheltered. Some of the solid wood structures can be expensive, so for a cheaper aesthetically pleasing arbour, cover a plastic arch in jasmine, roses or evergreen climbers.


Back in the Edwardian days, they didn’t worry about building up for privacy… they digged down! To get that vintage garden feel, form grass banks with dugout soil. It provides loads of space to plant and grow. However, it might not be the first choice in a modern garden, because well-drained soil with a high-water table is vital to avoid flooding. For those with a suitable spot, the space will trap scents in a lovely bubble.


Privacy isn’t just about what you can and can’t see but what you can hear, too. A great way to muffle out the sound of the street is to install a water feature. The gentle sound it produces will help to block out bothersome sounds like traffic, next door’s pets and people chatting on the pavement. You can also look at outdoor speakers for some cleansing music.

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