I’m a cleaning expert – how to remove wax stains from fabric with stuff you already have in the house

CANDLE wax can be kryptonite for quite a few household surfaces, from picket floors to rugs.

As a substitute of contacting time of demise on a wax-stained rug, there is a straightforward answer you can use to help save it.


TikTok account Issue Solved shared an effortless Do-it-yourself cleaning hack to get rid of wax stains from your rugCredit rating: TikTok

TikTok account Problem Solved have shared an straightforward suggestion for taking away wax stains from your rug.

Utilizing a several household things, you can rapidly take out wax from your carpet without the need of damaging it.

“You’re going to have to have paper towels and a blow dryer. Established your blow dryer at the hottest setting and heat your wax from a secure length,” claimed the host of the tutorial.

“And as the wax melts, go on to carefully blot the wax with your paper towel.”

This easy hack should take away the wax from your rug, with out the want for any cleaning merchandise.

“If any residue stays, you can seize a spoon and scrape absent, picking up any leftover wax,” reported the host at Trouble Solved.

Followers were amazed with the handy answer, one particular TikTok user claimed: “I adore this strategy.”

“Thanks for the tip,” stated one more comment.

A 3rd consumer also recommended the hack: “That is legitimate, the hair dryer performs terrific.”

“The place was this when I spilled wax on my sweater?” explained a different follower.