August 12, 2022


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Italian stone pines are neither houseplants nor hardy outside | Dwelling & Back garden

Right after 33 decades creating a gardening column for the Put up-Dispatch, Chip Tynan is retiring from the Missouri Botanical Garden. We are rerunning some preferred columns for a several months, but the back garden will resume the column quickly. Please continue to send issues to the handle underneath.

Q • I received an Italian Stone Pine as a dwelling Xmas tree present. I’ve been maintaining it indoors, but I surprise if it can be planted exterior?

A • The Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) is not hardy in the St. Louis spot and really should not be baffled with the Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra), which will endure in our local climate. Italian stone pines are indigenous to northern Mediterranean regions in Europe. In this nation, they are principally developed in California and areas of the western states that are not subject matter to freezing temperature. While they will not endure our winters if planted outdoor, neither can we take into consideration Italian stone pines to be houseplants. If retained indoors in common heat disorders, they will sooner or later get rid of their vigor and drop.

Present your plant with amazing night temperatures in the 40s and a bright sunny window. A amazing greenhouse or a sunporch would be best. For the remainder of the wintertime, let the soil to dry considerably amongst waterings. Put your plant outside the house for summer, with some defense from the hottest afternoon sunshine. Hold the soil evenly moist and fertilize about after a month until drop. Carry it back indoors in slide when evening temperatures fall into the reduced 40s.