September 30, 2022


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Kitchen Remodel Ideas. Let’s get serious

Hello everyone. Please, help me with the ins-and-outs of kitchen remodeling.

First, I have researched design guidelines for kitchen remodeling. I have spent some level of effort with research, although I’m sure a professional could smite me hard.

First set of photos is current kitchen. It’s a 90s built home, so it should be no surprise to anyone. 1800 Square foot house in a prime location.

I live with my fiance, and if you asked us what we’d like to improve we would say:

1) We cook multiple times a day, so we need good ventilation. A mircrowave above the stovetop doesn’t cut it.

2) The kitchen bar is set at multiple angles where two-draws cannot open at once. This is annoying with you have the cutting board extended and you need to open an adjacent drawer.

3) As always, like every person in the world, more storage and counter top space is welcome.

Let’s get to my fifth and final design. I won’t bore you with showing you additional designs, this is just the one that we both think is a winner. However, we break the workspace triangle rule because the fridge to the stove does overlap with our idea of the kitchen island. Take a look at what we think is the best possible thing that we could make up:

Future Changes:

1) A “block” style island is added that has accessible drawers/storage from both sides.

2) Gas Stove is moved to large island, which requires a gas line extension (I already have a gas line running to the fireplace on the other wall, so I assume this isn’t a big deal.

3) Hood ventilation is added above stove.

4) Granite slabs added on all counter tops.

5) Cabinets/Bar extended a little against window wall

6) Pantry is knocked out and replaced with pantry cabinet.

7) Position of sink, fridge/water remains the same.

All looks and sounds good, right? However, There is a violation with the triangle rule. Believe me, I explored all other options, but I still feel like this is the best. How serious is this obstruction between fridge and stove?

Yes, I’ve looked at moving the fridge further north, but it creates way too much break in the counter space, adds wasted space.

Thanks all!

I’m hoping to spend $25k-30k. Curious also on what you guys think about what I may expect to pay.

All appliances will be reused (they are 6-years old and are current), MINUS built-in microwave (which is going into island) and island hood range.