Most expensive cities for home improvement projects

10. Honolulu

Overall score: 60.11

Cost rank: 24

Cost inflator rank: 3

Builder & supply access rank: 180

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9. Torrance, Cali.

Overall score: 60.48

Cost rank: 22

Cost inflator rank: 4

Builder & supply access rank: 123

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8. New York

Overall score: 61

Cost rank: 8

Cost inflator rank: 34

Builder & supply access rank: 35

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7. Oakland, Cali.

Overall score: 61.2

Cost rank: 11

Cost inflator rank: 15

Builder & supply access rank: 128

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6. Glendale, Cali.

Overall score: 61.22

Cost rank: 36

Cost inflator rank: 6

Builder & supply access rank: 67

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5. Pasadena, Cali.

Overall score: 63.47

Cost rank: 12

Cost inflator rank: 5

Builder & supply access rank: 93

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4. Fremont, Cali.

Overall score: 66.51

Cost rank: 2

Cost inflator rank: 7

Builder & supply access rank: 99

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3. San Francisco

Overall score: 66.81

Cost rank: 4

Cost inflator rank: 2

Builder & supply access rank: 167

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2. San Jose, Cali.

Overall score: 66.81

Cost rank: 4

Cost inflator rank: 2

Builder & supply access rank: 167

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1. Sunnyvale, Cali.

Overall score: 70.02

Cost rank: 1

Cost inflator rank: 1

Builder & supply access rank: 97

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With summer up ahead, many people are making plans to hit the beach, visit a national park or throw the ultimate backyard BBQ. For others, summer plans are less about sandy beaches and more about sanding drywall mud as home improvement projects take priority.

In fact, this past year more than one-third of U.S. and Canadian homeowners and renters undertook a home renovation project, according to a survey from Chubb.

Of course, making updates to a home can have a big impact on home insurance. Chubb recommends agents and brokers talk to insureds about hiring a reputable contractor who will create a detailed plan for the project. If they are going it alone, homeowners should develop a detailed plan themselves.

Some consideration should also be taken on getting coverage for the project, as losses can happen during the renovation process. Further, insurance coverage could be compromised if the insurance company is not informed when renovations are planned, Chubb reported.

Finally, since renovations can increase the value of a home considerably, it’s smart to reevaluate the level of insurance on the home to ensure that it is properly covered.

The above slideshow highlights the 10 states where it is most expensive to undertake a home renovation project, according to Lawn Love, which ranked 200 cities based on factors such as contractors’ hourly rates, average age of homes, labor and supplies access and average spending on home improvements.