October 2, 2022


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Shutterfly’s New Outdoor Decor Collections Will Upgrade Your Space

The weather is getting warmer, which means it’s time to take advantage of your outdoor space and find budget-friendly ways to make your entertaining area stand out from your usual decor. Luckily, you can celebrate the season with Shutterfly’s new outdoor home collections, where you can shop a range of curated styles, products and vibrant designs.

Shutterfly is a leader when it comes to personalized products and services, so it’s no surprise that their collections are showstoppers. Their assortment is made up of seven new products — from pint glasses and picnic baskets to pillows and serving platters — all uniquely designed in an array of aesthetics by independent artists. We’re talking themes for every occasion (farmhouse, novelty and summer included). And according to Shutterfly’s design expert and Queer Eye designer, Bobby Berk, you can easily bring your own personal vibe into your outdoor tablescape.

“Infusing color is always a great way to elevate one’s outdoor tablescape,” Berk tells Good Housekeeping. “From neutral prints to earth tone colors, it’s a simple way to perk up your outdoor dining scene.” Berk suggests adding pillows to each of the dining chairs or using a simple runner to brighten up your outdoor dining table. “Picking can be overwhelming, but when you can narrow down choices and focus on look and feel, it’s easy to gain control of a tablescape.”

If you desire a botanical-inspired look, you may love the Painted Daisies salad plates or Bird of Paradise dinner napkins. For a natural splash of color, the Boho Tropical table runners are eye-catching additions, and the Coastal Stars outdoor pillow is just the thing to add a pop of personality to a space. And when it comes to farmhouse style, Berk suggests using plenty of natural plants, flowers and greenery.

“A mistake people tend to make when designing their tablescape is choosing items that overpower the space,” Berk says. “You want to make sure your space and your guests don’t feel so crowded and that they actually feel like they are outdoors.”

So make sure to shop Shutterfly’s exciting collections to craft a stylish outdoor space your family and friends can’t resist.

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