October 2, 2022


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Strategic Outdoor Lighting to Maximize Security

Lighting plays quite a significant role in making your home the best possible living space. Good lighting is required in order to make your home comfortable, attractive, and secure. How a home is lit depends on various factors, but the result is the same – the best possible living space for the residents.

In order to light any space well, you must figure out which lighting style is best suited to it; for example, interior lighting cannot be the same as the exterior. Interior lighting is often soft and inviting, while exterior lighting is meant more for improving functionality.

For better control over your home, you can google smart home devices and select the ones best suited to you. 


To keep your home safe, you must be able to see it. Visibility refers to how well you can see everything in your surroundings, and how easy it is to detect any unusual activity. One of the main purposes of lighting in a home is to improve visibility since darker homes are more prone to security threats. 

Lighting your home’s exterior will ensure that all activity is clearly visible throughout the day. Not only will you be able to see better through windows, but even your neighbors may also notice anything suspicious. This adds an extra layer of security to your home and may allow you to sleep a lot better at night. Your home’s atmosphere can automatically improve when it is visible, and it may even increase in value.

Remove Obstructions

It’s never a good idea to overcrowd any part of your home. The less objects there are around your home, the better. Obstructions provide space for potential intruders to hide. These can be in the form of trees, a swing set, or even window glass which has not been cleaned properly. All of these can make your home feel uncomfortable and closed off, which is why it is important to remove them at once.

Obstructions right outside your home can limit your vision. A garden or porch which is open is much more difficult to sneak past, which is what makes it safer. Doing periodic cleaning throughout the year may help you achieve a cleaner, more organized home exterior. Cleaning the windows and clearing the landscape can make your home look a lot less approachable. 

Brightest at the Front

The front yard of your home may be easily approachable, but you can still monitor the activity around this area. To avoid any unwanted confrontations with unwelcome visitors, you can always create intimidating lighting to drive them away. Bright lights always work best for this purpose, especially at night. When you need security to be at its maximum, you may want to turn on all available lights for the brightest possible exterior.

One of the best ways to create this impact is by using floodlights. These are huge lights that can be placed outside your front door, either in the porch or garden. When shone on someone, they can create an almost blinding effect which can limit someone’s view. This is also a good way to let someone know that you are aware of their presence, which is also good for improving security.

Entrances are Important

When thinking of home security, you must focus on the most vulnerable parts of your home first. The entrances to a home must be secured before anything else. These are the parts of your home which provide the most direct access to your family and valuables, which makes them a priority in the context of home security.

Fortunately, there are many ways for homeowners to improve security at their home’s entrance. Smart gadgets such as smart locks or doorbells provide you with complete authority over who has access to your home. You can control the lock through your smartphone, and have live surveillance of your front door at all times. The same goes for garage doors, which can be monitored using cameras. You can upgrade to a smart garage door opener for an even safer home. As for the windows and back doors, the best thing to do is have a seasonal inspection of the locks and hinges for any sign of damage, and replace them whenever required.

Type of Lights Used

The importance of lighting is known by most homeowners, but the types of lights you use can also be important. There is a wide range, from LED bulbs to floodlights. For exterior lighting, the best option would be to go for solar-powered LED lights, since their operation is automatic. They consume no electricity, which makes your home ecofriendly as well. These lights are a great addition to your home’s ambiance and can save you a lot of money on bills in the long run.

Solar-powered lights are a good alternative to using less reliable lights, which may need to be replaced frequently. These lights can last you a long time and can illuminate your home’s exterior in the most convenient way possible.

The Basis of a Secure Home

You don’t necessarily need a fully equipped alarm system to have a secure home; there are many home security measures you can take at home using existing resources. Utilizing an essential part of your home in a more efficient way is a cheap and environmentally friendly way to improve a home’s security, while simultaneously reducing your own effort. Having a well-lit home is bound to give you some peace of mind since you will be able to monitor it much better.