Tineco Carpet One review: Powerful, efficient cleaning

The Tineco Carpet One cleans a dirty floor.

Tineco Carpet A single

MSRP $499.00

“The Tineco Carpet One Sensible Carpet Cleaner is your gateway to cleaner flooring.”


  • Effective cleansing
  • Sensors demonstrate grime and particles invisible to the eye
  • Bundled accessories make it easy to clear stairs and furniture
  • Car-shutoff options avert problems and messes
  • One particular of the only possibilities on the sector at existing


  • The app lacks performance
  • The water tank could be larger
  • No straightforward storage for accessories when not in use

I pride myself on clean flooring. Following all, I critique a whole lot of vacuums — both robot and adhere — for a residing. But there is just a little something about a carpet cleaner that will get your floor significantly cleaner.

I have generally affiliated carpet cleaners with rentals: a significant, specialized gadget you did not basically have to have in your dwelling. Tineco sent its Carpet A single Sensible Carpet Cleaner to me to check out out, and it is modified my complete point of view on the devices. Now, I take into consideration it just as very important as a typical vacuum cleaner.

Effective cleansing for the stinkiest messes

Permit me get started by describing why I wanted a carpet cleaner so terribly. My cat, adorable as she is, suffers from a couple GI problems. That signifies there are often accidents on my carpet. Though I usually get the stains out, it ordinarily consists of scrubbing the ground with a cloth spray and a brush.

The Carpet A single cuts down the time it requires to pull a stain out of the carpet to only a few seconds. No wasted paper towels, no poisonous cleaning materials, and no putting a trash can over the freshly cleaned spot to continue to keep the cat absent until eventually it dries.

The Carpet One sensor describes how dirty the floor is.

The Carpet One particular has built-in sensors (Tineco’s proprietary iLoop Wise Sensor) that detect how filthy your flooring is. An LED rings the best of the cleaner. It is generally blue — but the visual appearance of crimson signifies more dust and particles have been detected. The higher the duration of the line, the extra dirt there is.

There are 4 cleansing modes to tackle the mess:

  • Automobile Method adjusts the amount of spray applied depending on how soiled the floor is.
  • Max Method cranks the spray up to as higher as it can go. This mode burns by means of the h2o tank a lot quicker, but I observed it most powerful.
  • Dry Manner disables any water spray and alternatively blasts heat air to help dry the carpet after you have completed.
  • Accent Method is self-explanatory: It’s activated when you use the bundled hose attachment to clean your stairs, furniture, or other locations.

The Carpet A single uses sizzling air on each individual method, approximately in between 160 and 180 levels Fahrenheit. This warmth is applied to be certain a much more comprehensive cleaning in accordance to Tineco, it assists dissolve dirt and activate the cleaning answer.

The consumer encounter

I’ve utilised the Carpet One on a in close proximity to-day-to-day basis since it arrived. Though I haven’t attempted cleansing the overall dwelling place with it, I have cleaned significant parts of the flooring with wonderful achievements.

The Carpet 1 minimizes the time it takes to pull a stain out of the carpet to only a couple of seconds.

Initial off, it is a fairly hefty device when the h2o tank is comprehensive, particularly as it vacuums up filthy drinking water. If you have by no means employed a carpet cleaner prior to, you will likely be horrified at what coloration the drinking water turns just after passing via your carpet in my situation, it appeared like dim gray milk.

Yuck, appropriate?

Continue to keep in head that this is right after regular vacuuming. The point is, most vacuums just don’t penetrate deep ample to cleanse on the very same amount a carpet cleaner does, and the evidence is in the gross carpet-pudding that fills the soiled water tank.

There are two tanks you have to worry you with: the clear h2o tank, which sits about halfway up the vacuum physique, and the dirty h2o tank just previously mentioned the ingestion. The clean up h2o tank is straightforward to refill — just flip up the lid and fill to the mark — but it doesn’t go significantly on Max Mode. Automobile Method is acceptable for most messes, as it will automatically spray a lot more water if needed.

Most vacuums just don’t penetrate deep sufficient to thoroughly clean on the exact same stage a carpet cleaner does.

The filthy water tank appears to be greater but only fills up about 3/5 of the way in advance of it is thought of total. The moment complete, the Carpet One particular will power down till you empty out the tank. You must vacant it just after each individual cleaning cycle, even though, and the Carpet One’s automated voice reminds you of this. It is not only a make any difference of cleanliness — if you neglect to vacant the tank, that h2o starts to stink.

Plenty of air is pulled via the Carpet One particular that a entire soiled drinking water tank will spread an dreadful scent all through your dwelling when it is turned on, so choose the time to dump out the tank when you end cleaning your carpet. I recommend undertaking it in the rest room and flushing it afterward.

As for the app, I come across it to be largely unwanted. The ideal wise attributes are located on the unit, like the filth sensor. The application keeps keep track of of how long you’ve cleaned on any presented day, which I suppose could be beneficial if you want to check if somebody is basically cleansing trying to keep observe of children’s chores, it’s possible?

The only other gain I discovered to the app was the Configurations menu. The Carpet One’s developed-in voice can be quite loud, and there is no way to turn it down on the carpet cleaner alone. You can alter the volume by way of the application or entirely disable the voice. The app also offers the capability to download a electronic variation of the product or service handbook, complete firmware updates, and adjust the voice package.

The majority of the negative activities I experienced with the Carpet 1 have been user mistake. The outcomes of the cleansing simply cannot be argued with — it taken out any trace of stain from my carpets with the exception of a person little area. A calendar year in the past, I unintentionally stepped on the carpet with a muddy boot, and any one that is aware of Georgia understands the purple clay leaves stains that are nearly unachievable to eliminate.

Although the Carpet A single didn’t entirely clean that stain, it is considerably harder to see now.

What’s in the box?

The Carpet One particular arrives mainly disassembled, but it isn’t really hard to set together. It took me significantly less than 10 minutes to set up the carpet cleaner. Inside of the box, you will discover:

  • Carpet Deodorizing & Cleansing Resolution
  • Cleansing Tool
  • 2-in-1 Nozzle
  • Sponge Filter
  • Accessory Hose

The accent hose is attached on an as-necessary foundation, and it was my principal agony issue with the Carpet One. Figuring out exactly how the hose attached to the cleaner took numerous tries ahead of the diagram made perception, but I later learned there was a video I could check out that would much better clarify it.

The Tineco Carpet One with hose attached.

The bundled cleansing option is a have to-have. I tried cleansing the carpet with only water, and it did a noticeably even worse task than when I added the answer to the water reservoir. It is just two capfuls per tankful of water, and the option by itself statements to be non-harmful for kids and animals. I didn’t take a look at it, clearly, but it is very good to know Tineco acknowledged these anxieties.

The cleansing alternative seems to be mainly h2o, with much less than 5 % of a range of other chemicals (none of which sounded specially safe.)

Our choose

The Tineco Carpet 1 Wise Carpet Cleaner is an complete necessity for sanitizing your carpets and eradicating tough-to-clear stains. Nevertheless the companion application does not lend considerably features, it is much better than nothing and the intelligent characteristics are generally on the machine alone.

Is there a much better alternate?

Merely put: no. The lack of a intelligent carpet cleaner is a thing I have long lamented. There are some devices that contact them selves wise, like the Hoover Smartwash+, but these don’t have any true intelligent abilities. The Tineco Carpet A person Sensible Carpet Cleaner is one of the only selections I’ve ever noticed.

How extensive will it very last?

The the vast majority of factors within the Carpet One particular can be replaced really should they crack, which undoubtedly extends the device’s longevity. If anything does go horribly erroneous, Tineco provides a two-12 months guarantee for manufacturing problems.

Need to you acquire it?

No issue about it. If you want your flooring cleaner than nearly anything vacuuming could ever achieve, you’ll want to make investments in this good carpet cleaner.

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